Froglube CLP Extreme 1.5 oz


FrogLube has developed a NEW Hi Performance CLP liquid lubricant/cleaner for firearms called "FrogLube Extreme".   FrogLube's New CLP is designed to perform in expanded temperature range conditions (sub-freezing cold through searing hot) and to remain effective through extreme climate transitions. FrogLube Extreme joins FrogLube Super Degreaser as the second product developed for the "Professional Grade' line-up. 

U.S. Army Field Manual for Arctic Operations: FM 37-10 series recommends the use of an arctic lubricant for use on weapons during sustained operations below freezing (32?F/0?C). FrogLube operations designed a broad temperature range liquid CLP they named "FrogLube Extreme" over the past 2 1/2 years which has been tested between -44?F/-42?C and above 140?F/52?C. The reason for FrogLube"s new bio-based CLP formula is to allow for the professional operator or hunter to transition between sub-zero conditions through high temperatures without having to change out their bio-based lubricant. FrogLube Extreme retains all the same benefits of standard FrogLube CLP to include the use of non-toxic food grade ingredients: non-petroleum base: non-flammable: non-hazmat with no hazardous transportation or disposal requirements. 

Additional Benefits to standard FrogLube CLP: 
  • Remains viscous in sub-zero temperatures and does not evaporate or burn off during high heat. 
  • Reduced fouling on tactical rifles used in high volume round counts. 
  • Functions extremely well on "tight action" or precision built firearms. 
  • Can be mixed with standard FrogLube CLP. 
  • Convenient applicator squeeze tube packaging. 
  • Complies with U.S. Army Field Manual/Tech Manual specifications for small arms operations and maintenance. 

NEW FrogLube Extreme is the perfect lubricant solution for those who demand 100% confidence no matter what environmental condition the next crisis presents them. Any time - anywhere! IT WORKS EVERYWHERE! FrogLube Extreme is now available from