Froglube CLP Paste 8oz


FrogLube CLP (Clean Lube & Protect) and solvent are the best products you'll ever use on your weapon. Designed for the start to meet every US military requirement for gun cleaning and lubrication- these 100% American-made products outperform all others in the marketplace for weapons maintenance. Their slogan is "No Jams - No Rust" and they mean it! FrogLube CLP removes carbon grease powder residue and other contaminants that cause rust and corrosion. Heat the metal with a hair dryer, apply FrogLube and clean as normal. It will go deep into the pores. With repeated use, FrogLube seasons your weapon leaving a protected surface with vastly reduced friction. Superb for storage. FrogLube does not attract dirt like petroleum products - it repels it! Use on every metal part of your gun to protect and also apply to wood- plastic- rubber or anything else to get it completely clean. FrogLube is completely non-toxic and will not cause any harm to the finish. Safe to use around anyone because it is non-flammable- non toxic and USDA approved as a Bio-Preferred product. You will love the mint smell that doesn't make you have to clear the room. FrogLube is also great for knives- fishing gear and tools. Make the switch today to FrogLube!