Froglube Frog Wipes


Frog Wipes are pre-moistened towlettes soaked with FrogLube CLP (Clean Lube & Protect). Perfect for quick cleanups at the range. 5 wipes in a resealable package. FrogLube CLP is the best product you'll ever use on your weapon. Designed for the start to meet every US military requirement for gun cleaning and lubrication- these 100% American-made products outperform all others in the marketplace for weapons maintenance. Their logan is "No Jams - No Rust" and they mean it! FrogLube CLP removes carbon grease powder residue and other contaminants that cause rust and corrosion. Heat the metal with a hair dryer and apply FrogLube. It will go deep into the pores. With repeated use, FrogLube seasons your weapon leaving a protected surface with vastly reduced friction. Superb for storage. FrogLube does not attract dirt like petroleum products, it repels it! Use on every metal part of your gun to protect and also apply to wood, plastic, rubber or anything else to get it completely clean. FrogLube is completely non-toxic and will not cause any harm to the finish. Safe to use around anyone because it is non-flammable, not toxic and USDA approved as a Bio-Preferred product. You will love the mint smell that doesn't make you have to clear the room. FrogLube is also great for knives and tools. Make the switch today to FrogLube!